15 Best Beaches in Mallorca to Visit On Holiday

Views of a fantastic beach in Mallorca

Mallorca definitely has many fantastic and inviting beaches on offer. Mallorca is the largest island in the Balearic archipelago, located in the Mediterranean. The island is known for its rich culture, wonderful beaches and beautiful Mediterranean infrastructure.

There are hundreds of beaches in Mallorca and everyone has their own opinion on which beach is best. Below you will find our personal top 15 popular Mallorca beaches, and you won’t regret visiting a single one of them.

Cala Formentor – Wonderful and Well-Known

views of the beach platja de Formentor in Mallorca

Formentor Playa is one of the loveliest and most famous beaches on the island. It extends over a kilometer, giving ample opportunity to find a good spot, no matter how busy it is.

The fine white sand and crystal clear water make the beach very attractive and inviting. The pine trees that hang over the beach area provide the perfect shade, while the many stones and rocks make the beach appear untouched and natural.

The area is great for tourists as there are many services and facilities on the beach and nearby, including restaurants, bars, showers, water sports and many more. There are also lifeguards on duty all over the beach, making it a safe place to swim.

Palma Nova – Artificially Enhanced Beach

Beach picture from Palma Nova

Palma Nova is an artificially improved beach with imported sand that blends well with the clear natural water.

There is a wide area of ​​coast that provides enough space for most families and tourists.

There are many facilities to check out, too, such as bars, restaurants, showers and pretty much everything else you need. The area is constantly evolving due to its popularity and it is a great place to visit for those who want a memorable vacation and are in doubt about where to stay in Mallorca.

You should definitely plan your trip to Palma Nova well in advance, and be careful about when you go, as it can get very crowded in high season.

Port de Soller – Magnificent Scenery

palm trees and sand by the beach

Port de Soller offers some of Mallorca’s most magnificent scenery, with views of the surrounding Tramuntana mountains and panoramic sea views.

The shallow beach offers a coarse sandy beach and crystal clear water that earns it the well-deserved title as one of Mallorca’s most popular beaches.

At Port de Soller, try out water sports or hit the beachside restaurants, cafés and bars.

There is also the old-fashioned Soller tram, which adds a vintage feel to the area. Bear in mind that the relatively small area can make it a little challenging to find a good spot in high season.

Playa d’Alcúdia – Ideal for Most Families

really nice beach view in Alcudia

Playa d’Alcúdia has a seven-kilometer stretch of sand that makes it the largest beach in the Balearic Islands.

The safe and shallow water on the beach makes it ideal for most families to spend their vacation together in the inviting blue water and white sand. Playa d’Alcúdia caters for pretty much any type of tourist, offering wooden walkways for easier access, water sports facilities, restaurants, beach bars and anything else you’d need to chill out.

The beach quickly becomes crowded in high season, yet the area retains its pristine state and inviting atmosphere.

Cala Mesquida – Protected Area With Lots of Bird Life

beautiful views of the beach in cala mesquida

Cala Mesquida is home to large colonies of seagulls and cormorants. Because of this, the area is protected. These birds enhance the beauty of the beach, along with the natural white sand and the bluish water.

Cala Mesquida is a remote beach in northeast Mallorca and is filled with natural pine trees and dunes that add to the wonderful panoramic views of the beach area. Around the beach, there are various beach bars and a few shops and restaurants, along with a small resort for tourists. You can also rent parasols and sun loungers.

Cala Mondrago – One of Mallorca’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Cala Mondrago beach seen from above

Cala Mondrago is certainly one of Mallorca’s beaches that could win a top prize for its beauty, thanks to its stunning pine trees, dunes and rocky coves along the coast.

This beach is protected from development and is located within Mondrago National Park. The remote location is no hindrance to the beach’s popularity, due to the wonderful panoramic views, soft sand and the clear blue sea.

There are plenty of beach facilities in the area, including showers, toilets, bars and restaurants. Rental of parasols and sun loungers is also available.

Cala Deia – Rocky Areas and Clear Water

Beach with cliffs in Cala Deia

Cala Deia is a popular beach with rocky areas and pure water. This seemingly untamed surface in such a small area makes the beach feel untouched and totally natural.

The fantastic views of land and sea inspire many artists who come here, and the area is perfect for a summer excursion. In Cala Deia, there are two restaurants serving traditional Mallorcan cuisine, and fresh seafood can be enjoyed with the stunning panoramic views of the beach area.

The area itself is very popular for swimming, snorkeling and diving in the deeper parts of the coastline. It is also very popular for kayaking and climbing the mountain-like cliffs.

Cala Varques – Quiet and Peaceful Atmosphere

udsigt over klipper og hav

The isolated beach of Cala Varques provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere that most public beaches simply can’t live up to. The flawless beach area offers many waves and rocky coves.

The area is famous among backpackers and other international solo travelers due to its secluded location. The beach consists of gold and white sand that blends beautifully with the deep blue shade of the water.

There are almost no facilities in the area and, therefore, it is recommended to pack some food and drink before heading over.

Port de Pollença – Shallow Blue Water

views of mountains, town and beach in Port De Pollenca

Port de Pollenca is considered one of the best resort towns in northwestern Mallorca. With its shallow blue water, imported sand and magnificent views of the Tramuntana mountains, it is truly an experience to remember.

Stunning nature goes hand in hand with modern restaurants and rows of shops along the beach.

Port de Pollenca has been artificially improved, but it is still a very popular and inviting place for both tourists and locals.

Canyamel Beach – Popular Quiet Resort

Sea views at Canyamel Beach

Canyamel Beach offers rural views from the coast and a golden sandy beach. The area itself is considered to be remote, making it a popular choice for visitors who are looking for something quieter.

The beach and the crystal clear blue water create an attractive atmosphere for a vacation excursion. You can rent parasols and sun loungers on-site, and there are toilets, showers and beach bars.

Some areas of the beach are rocky and so more tranquil and sparse with people, but you can still enjoy magnificent views and the refreshing seawater.

Sa Calobra – Famous Remote Beach

views of the beach in Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is one of the most famous remote beaches in Mallorca. The beautiful scenery and unusual location make it a perfect inspiration for artists and creators.

The coastal area consists of a mixture of sand and pebbles along with gorgeous pure water. Although the area is remote, large numbers of tourists do still find their way here every year.

There are no lifeguards on duty in the area, nor are there any facilities. However, bars, restaurants and toilets to serve tourists are not far away.

Sant Elm – Popular for Snorkelers

Kayaking on the beach in Sant Elm

Which part of Mallorca has the best beaches? The southwest is up there. Sant Elm boasts a lovely coastline in southwest Mallorca. The area itself can be divided into two, where the largest half has soft white sand and the other has gravel, with a slightly coarser coastline.

The most popular area among tourists is the larger one with the white sand, and which is also filled with facilities, including shops, bars and restaurants.

The area is relatively popular with snorkelers due to its shallow and clear blue water. It is recommended to have dinner in Sant Elm, as they usually offer traditional Mallorcan dishes, which provide an authentic cultural experience for tourists.

Es Carbo – A Unique Relaxation Experience

Looking for the best Mallorca beach but trying to avoid the crowd? The remote area of ​​Platja d’es Carbo provides a unique opportunity for complete relaxation, away from the urban hustle and bustle. Everyone can take advantage of a peaceful and quiet vacation in Es Carbo, and it is located in a protected bay.

The area lacks facilities, but is popular with both yachts and boat owners, due to the open sea. The shallow beach and pristine water provide ample space for swimming along the wide stretch of white sand. Es Carbo also houses many seabirds and endemic Mediterranean flora.

Portal Nous – One of the Best Beaches in Mallorca, Hands Down

The golden sands of Portal Nous, along with the crystal turquoise waters, are very popular and welcoming. This leads to a huge influx of tourists in high season, especially from the international community.

Portal Nous houses one of the best beach bars in Mallorca, Roxy’s Beach Bar, which is located at the end of the beach. They serve great drinks and light snacks throughout the day and are renowned among vacationers. Enjoy your cocktail or soda with stunning beach views.

This is one of the most highly recommended places to visit in Mallorca.

Calo d’es Burgit – Excellent Natural Views

The small bay of Calo d’es Burgit is nestled among low-lying cliffs covered with rows of pine trees, providing excellent natural views of the area.

The golden dunes among nature make it a perfect excursion and an excellent choice for its peaceful and tranquil ambiance.

It is considered a virgin beach, so there are no facilities around the area, but the nearby beaches have bars, restaurants, and showers, among others.