Map of Crete with Hotels and Prices

Here you will find our map of Crete, which shows you the prices of hotels in the various cities.

On our Crete map, you will quickly find the best and most popular resorts on the island.

Our Crete map is easy to navigate

It’s super easy to use:

  • You can start by zooming in or out in the bottom right corner of the map so you can see the whole island.
  • Then you can move the mouse cursor over a hotel and see prices and small pictures.
  • To see the destination, simply click on the price in the dark blue box.
  • You can also zoom all the way into a city, get more results, and then hold the mouse down and drag the Crete map in all directions.

How big is Crete?

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has an area of 8336 kmĀ². The island has more than 150 km of sandy beach, well distributed all around Crete.

Crete is a very popular vacation resort, and there are so many wonderful places here that you might not be sure about where to stay. If you are still a little in doubt, then we have made the guide: where to stay in Crete? It is full of great tips, hotels, and comments from previous guests who have been to Crete.

Crete map