Where to stay in Malaga: Best Hotels & Areas

Where to stay in Malaga?

Known for being a melting pot of many cultures, Spain and Malaga has been a popular destination ever since man can travel. Its rich history, delicious cuisine, and beautiful landmarks have made it everyone’s ideal vacation spot. If you are asking yourself: where to stay in Malaga? Read on, we review and suggest you the best hotels and areas in Malaga.

However, the provinces of Spain hide behind the shadows of the more famous cities of Barcelona and Madrid. This is quite a shame, as Spain’s provinces have a lot to offer – perhaps even more. For instance, did you know that many tourists think that Malaga is one of the best places to stay in Spain?

Malaga: Spain’s Hidden Gem

Located in Southern Spain, the province of Malaga lies on the Andalusian Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). Its subtropical-Mediterranean climate provides for a lot of warm, sunny days perfect for the beach.

The province of Malaga boasts of important cultural structures as well as excellent restaurants. Among the many activities you can enjoy in Malaga include Holy Week – a Catholic tradition with processions of tronos (floats) carrying images and sculptures depicting scenes from the Passion; the Feria de Agosto – the largest fair on Costa del Sol that features dancing, singing, and bullfights; and a lot of other activities all year round.

What are some things I need to know about Malaga Spain?

  • Malaguenos are coffee lovers. If you think you know how to order coffee, Malaga Spain will make you rethink that. You can’t just order a simple cafe con leche and be done with it. Malaguenos are very picky about their coffee – black, white, more milk, half and half – all measured in percentages. A glass (yes, you read that right) or cup of coffee usually costs €1.20 to €1.80.
  • Malaga is famous for its anchovies. Malaga Bay is known for boqueron (anchovies), which also forms part of its local cuisine. They serve it as fried fish or pickled in vinegar, and is best paired with a cold bottle of beer or a glass of wine.
  • Pablo Picasso is a product of Malaga. While the famous artist was born in Malaga Spain, he only lived there for 10 years. Still, you’ll see a lot of traces of Picasso all over the city center and of course, in the famed Picasso Museum. Opened in 2003, the Picasso Museum paved the way for Malaga to become a famous tourist destination. Exhibits include Greek mythology, ceramics, and cubist pieces. As a tribute to its most famous (former) inhabitant, Malaga celebrates Picasso’s birth month of October with many festivities and art installations.
  • Malaga Spain is one of the oldest cities of the Western World – 3000 years old, to be exact. The island was discovered by the Phoenicians (a Middle Eastern civilization) who left their mark particularly in Malaga’s seafood cuisine. Malaga also has one of the world’s oldest wine regions, famous for its sweet local wine.
  • Antigua Casa de Guardia, the city’s oldest wine bar, offers that wine straight from the barrel.
  • Siesta is a real thing in Malaga. In Malaga, lunch is the most important meal of the day, whether you’re at work or at home. Most workers head home for a midday break and to have lunch with their families; afterwards, they usually enjoy an afternoon nap. So if you’re thinking of running afternoon errands, you might be better off sleeping in with the rest of the Malaguenos.

Why stay in Malaga Centro?

Historical architecture of Constitution Square

The heart and history of Malaga lies in the narrow streets of the Old City. Despite its small size, many of Malaga’s historic monuments are located in the Old City. Buildings, museums, churches, and squares are often frequented by tourists.

The Plaza de la Constitucion is perhaps the most visited square, having been around since the 1800’s. Calle Marqués de Larios, the Old City’s gateway to the modern world, is filled with shops, boutiques, and street performers.

Best places to stay in Malaga Centro

Molina Lario. This family-owned, four-star hotel occupies two restyled 19th-century buildings located in the corner of the city’s two main streets. The ornate balcony (in most Superior rooms) offers an excellent view of the street below as well as the famous Malaga Cathedral.

All 103 urban-chic rooms come with a lot of modern comforts including iPod docks and capsule-coffee machines. The hotel is also just a five-minute walk to Museo Picasso, Alcazaba, Teatro Romano, and Museo de Malaga.

For the avid shopper, Calle Marques de Larios and Malaga Soho are just a ten-minute walk. Matiz, the hotel’s restaurant, specializes in Mediterranean and Andalucian specials. The rooftop bar and sky-high pool terrace are best area to stay in Malaga.

What guests loved the most:

  • Excellent location
  • Rooftop pool with an amazing views of the city
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Well-thought-out design elements
  • Spacious rooms

The Madeinterranea Suites is located just nineteen minutes from Gibralfaro Viewpoint. The Madeinterranea Suites offer air-conditioned rooms and a shared lounge. The hotel also comes with free WiFi, family rooms, and an excellent continental breakfast.

What guests loved the most:

  • Comfortable pillow and linens
  • Modern decoration
  • Great location – 10-minute walk from tourist spots
  • Accommodating staff
  • Delicious breakfast

Why stay in Calle Larios?

Christmas decorations on Calle Marques de Larios street in the centre of Malaga city, Andalusia, Spain

Officially opened in 1891, Calle Larios has become a major shopping street not only in Malaga, but the entire Spain. Previously, Calle Larios was open to both vehicles and pedestrians but has been transformed into a pedestrian precinct since 2003. The street hosts many events, including the Malaga Fashion Week.

Best places to stay in Calle Larios

The Iloftmalaga Apartamentos is located just 150 meters from Malaga Cathedral and right along Calle Larios, and offers you a home away from home. Each apartment has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and a bedroom with a double bed and three single cabin beds. A flat screen television, sofa, and WiFi complete your stay.

What guests loved the most:

  • Accessible tourist spots from the apartment
  • Comfortable and cozy stay
  • Great view of the cathedral
  • Friendly staff with helpful recommendations

Why stay in Soho?

Theatre in Malaga at night

This Andalusian art capital is the perfect destination not just for urban artists, but fans of street art as well. From the city center, you can get to Soho in just under fifteen minutes by foot. On your stay, you can visit the Contemporary Art Center (CAC) and Soho Theater, or shop for artisan trinkets at the Soho Market.

Best places to stay in Soho

The Soho Boutique Colon is located in Malaga Centro district, just two kilometers from Misericordia Beach and Alcazaba. This minimalist Malaga hotel offers basic amenities like a flat screen television and a private bathroom, perfect for traveling couples.

What guests loved the most:

  • Great location
  • Clean and comfortable rooms
  • Modern facilities
  • Nice and helpful staff
  • Budget-friendly

The Apartamentos Tandem Soho is located just one kilometer from La Malagueta Beach and half a kilometer from Atarazanas Market, and is the perfect hotel where to stay in Málaga in the capital of Costa del Sol.

This Mediterranean-inspired hotel comes with plasma television, air-conditioning, and a fully equipped kitchen. Popular tourist spots nearby include the Malaga Cathedral, Park, and Museum. While the Malaga airport is eleven kilometers away, the Malaga hotel can provide transportation to and from the area.

What guests loved the most:

  • Beautifully styled apartment
  • Great location in the Soho district
  • Only a short walk from Larios Street
  • Helpful and friendly staff

Why stay in La Malagueta?

Malagueta Beach in Malaga, andalusia, Spain

More than just a nice beach, La Malagueta pays homage to Malaga’s industrial roots. While La Malagueta was home to a sizable fishing quarter back in the day, it is now a popular residential area and tourist spot. While there are now high-rise apartments where sugar canes used to grow in the 1800’s, the bullring remains.

Best places to stay in La Malagueta

Located just 500 meters from La Malagueta beach, the Gran Hotel Miramar GL offers 5-star accommodation, a great view of the beach, and a rich history to boot. The hotel was opened back in 1926 by Alfonso XIII, whose wife was the granddaughter of Queen Victoria. While it served as a hospital for a while, the hotels Neo-Arab and Andalucian decor were preserved.

All 200 rooms and suites feature different decor, ranging from Mediterranean to Moorish. Principe de Asturias, the hotel’s most formal restaurant, offers international cuisine with a Mediterranean touch. Connecting rooms are available for families, and there’s also a small pool for children. Malaga Airport is just nine kilometers from the property, and a fifteen-minute walk from Calle Larios, the main shopping street.

What guests loved the most:

  • High standard of cleanliness
  • Spacious and cozy rooms
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Amazing facilities
  • Delicious food

Why stay in Ciudad Jardin?

View of Malaga with bullring and harbor. Spain

Home to the famous Picasso Museum, Ciudad Jardin is also a popular destination for tourists. Although only opened in 2003 (despite Picasso living in Málaga back in the 16th century), the Museo Picasso houses over 200 of the famed artist’s work.

There are art pieces even from Picasso’s childhood all the way to his more famous work. Unlike other museums, the Museo Picasso allows guests to marvel at art in an airy and spacious setting. The Port of Malaga and Malagueta beach are also nearby.

Best places to stay in Ciudad Jardin

Atico en Ciudad Jardin. This air-conditioned, apartment-style bed and breakfast comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It is also located just 4.7 kilometers from Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Viewpoint. The patio also offers a great view of the mountains.

What guests loved the most:

  • Silent and tranquil environment
  • Friendly owner
  • Easy parking
  • Great value for money

Why stay in Pedregalejo?

Sardines espeto, Malaga style fish on stick barbecue

With one of the most popular beaches in Malaga, it’s no wonder that Pedregalejo also offers an exquisite cuisine rich in seafood. Gastronomic discoveries in this fishing district await; goat cheese, tuna tataki, and duck hamburger are just the beginning. Make sure to explore all the popular dining spots and try out their specialties.

Best places to stay in Pedregalejo

Hotel La Chancla is a modern hotel set in the traditional fishing neighborhood and offers a great view of the Mediterranean sea and the Andalusian sunset. An on-sit hot tub awaits you after a long day of strolling on the beach.

What guests loved the most:

  • Beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Superb and friendly staff
  • Lovely cafe with delicious food
  • Great jacuzzi

Why stay in Gibralfaro?

Historic monument, La Alcazaba,palatial fortification.Malaga, Spain

The majestic and slightly ominous Castillo de Gibralfaro looms above the city was built back in the 14th century to protect Alcazaba. These days, it is frequented by tourists who want an excellent view of the city centre.

Nearby, the La Alcazaba, surrounded by towering palms and lush orange groves, dates back to the 11th Century Moorish period. Although well-kept, the site previously had 110 main towers but still features key elements of its original architecture. The Plaza de Armas, previously the first line of defense, now features beautiful gardens. This hilltop castle offers one of the best views of Málaga.

Best places to stay in Gibralfaro

Parador de Malaga Gibralfaro is Located right beside the castle. This hotel is the closest you can get to living in a castle. While it is built out of stone, the hotel also has a rooftop swimming pool and bar with a great view of the city. You can also enjoy Andalusian specialties at the hotel restaurant, including Malaga-style fried fish.

What guests loved the most:

  • Panoramic view of the harbor
  • Big and comfortable room
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Hospitable staff

Where to stay in Malaga for nightlife?

Malaga Town at night

While Malaga is popular for its historical landmarks, it has slowly gained its way into the nightlife scene. You can never go wrong by staying in the lively city centre of Málaga. Discotecas can be found in rooftop bars like the Oasis Terrace, La Terraza del Chinitas, and San Juan Terrace.

Soho has become the trendy neighborhood in the city, complete with street art exhibitions, bars, and high end cafes. Visit La Fábrica de Cerveza, where you can taste a variety of specially brewed beers. If you prefer beach bars or an alternative to the busy city centre, Pedregalejo is another option of where to stay in Malaga.

Where to stay in Malaga with my family?

If you plan to stay in Málaga with your family, you might prefer hotels near the beach in Malaga. The neighborhood of Huelin is ideal for families, close to the beach, a lake, and a playground for kids.

The historic centre which is an old town is always a good option as it offers a variety of activities to do if you stay in Málaga. You can also take a boat trip from the port and explore Malaga from sea views. Pedregalejo is also lined with shallow beaches and play areas for children which is the best area to stay.

Where to stay in Malaga for shopping?

Many tourists stay in Málaga because it has one of the best shopping districts like Calle Larios. Calle Larios, one of the most popular shopping streets in Europe, offers over 350 meters of designer brands and luxury stores.

For unique and eccentric finds, veer off the main road for artisanal shops and boutiques. There are also cafes, ice cream parlors, and restaurants if you need a little break from shopping. The Muelle Uno in the port of Malaga is also a must-see if you’re a certified shopaholic.

Where to stay in Malaga for luxury?

Without a doubt, La Malagueta in Costa del Sol is the best place to stay in Malaga for a luxurious vacation. Beautiful beaches, expensive shops, classy restaurants, and a high-class lifestyle await in this modern neighborhood. You can find accommodation in Malaga like La Malagueta if you want to stay nearby and it’s the best area to stay.

You can also find a lot of holiday homes to stay in Pinares de San Anton, just five kilometers from the city center. This private residential neighborhood is much quieter, and most houses have their own swimming pool. El Limonar used to house the affluent families of Malaga, as evidenced by the many luxury villas and homes.

But if you don’t want to go too far, you can always stay in the historic city centre, where you can find many lofts, terraced villas, and even private jacuzzis. This way, you’re located near luxury restaurants and rooftop bars.

Where to stay in Malaga if on a budget?

While it’s best to enjoy El Palo Malaga in all its luxury, you can also travel here even on a budget. Many travelers prefer to save on their accommodation like El Palo and spend on other activities in El Palo. El Palo in Malaga is a cheaper alternative, with a bus station in most corners to get you to the El Palo city.

Pedregalejo in Malaga is also another option if you prefer to stay near the beach; during the weekend, the restaurants along the promenade are full of locals enjoying the local seafood cuisine. Huelin and Ciudad Jardin in Malaga are other budget-friendly options with a direct link to the city.

A Few Last Words on Malaga

As a seasoned traveler, you might be craving for a new adventure – exploring something unknown either by yourself or with loved ones. Although quickly gaining popularity in the international travel scene, Malaga is still left unexplored by many.

The great weather, mix of culture and leisure, and excellent stay and accommodation in Malaga make it the place to explore in Spain this 2021.

If you want to read more about Malaga I can recommend that you visit Malaga Tourism

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