Where to Stay in Corsica – Best Towns & Hotels

Where to stay in Corsica

Looking for where to Stay in Corsica? I have selected some of the best places to stay in Corsica that will definitely inspire you to a great holiday in France.

Imagine spending an afternoon on a white sand beach, looking over turquoise waters, while eating charcuterie and brocciu.

If you want that?

Then pack your bags and head to Corsica! This French island in the Mediterranean Sea is a popular tourist spot known for its warm climate, towering mountains, and stunning coastlines.

Corsica is dubbed the Island of Beauty and is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. If you want to visit this charming French island, then you have come to the right place. We will suggest the best places to go and where to stay in Corsica.

Let’s get started!

Choosing Where to Stay in Corsica

Corsica offers diverse geography of beautiful beaches to the rolling mountains. There are numerous towns in Corsica and each region promises a different Corsican adventure for you.

Read on as we travel to each part of Corsica to know the best places to stay in Corsica and how to get the best out of your holiday vacation.

Why Stay in Ajaccio?

Where to stay in Ajaccio, Corsica

Ajaccio is the sun-kissed capital of Corsica and where Napoleon Bonaparte was born and is renowned for bursting with Corsican energy.

Here, you can visit the Maison Bonaparte which is Bonaparte’s ancestral home that was converted into a museum. Nature lovers will enjoy the view in Lac de Tolla, stroll Sentier des Douaniers, and soak in the beach of Plage de Capo di Feno.

Sample good wines at the L’Empire des Vins and taste delicious food at Casa Pasta. You can also enjoy shopping at Ajaccio in Rue du Cardinal Fesch and Marche des Producteurs de Pays. Besides, there are many boutique hotels and guesthouses that will work on every kind of tourist budget.

Best Places to stay in Ajaccio

If you want a beautiful and practical place to stay in Ajaccio, the Best Western Plus Ajaccio Amirauté would be an ideal place. This hotel is close to the town center and only 4 kilometers away from Ajaccio Airport. You can stay on their sun terrace with an exterior pool overlooking the sea. Guests can also enjoy modern décor in their rooms, air conditioning, and a flat TV.

What Guests Loved the Most

Here is what visitors of Best Western Plus Ajaccio Amirauté loved about them:

  • Courteous staff
  • Lots of parking spaces
  • Comfortable and clean rooms
  • The delicious breakfast spread

Why Stay in Porto-Vecchio?

Porto-Vecchio: One of the best places to stay in Corsica

This charming town in the southern part of Corsica is a mix of incredible mountain views and nearby beaches. You can fill your stomach with dishes from Porto Vecchio’s restaurants in the harbor front or settle for something fancy in the marina.

Experience everyday life in Porto Vecchio by exploring the piazza peppered with quaint shops and more restaurants. If you have more time, you can escape the city and go on an outdoor adventure to see mountain villages like Levie and Zonza. If you prefer white sand, take a dip in Santa Giulia and Palombaggia Beach and enjoy fun water activities.

Best Places to stay in Porto-Vecchio

If you are planning a travel to Porto Vecchio, you may consider staying at the Grand Hotel De Cala Rossa & Spa Nucca. You will surely love the short walk going to a private beach. The rooms in the hotel have a private bathroom, unlimited WiFi, and air conditioning.

Feeling the heat of the day? Take a break for the day and try their swimming pool or book a spa appointment. The hotel also offers beach activities like canoeing, sailing and beach surfing.

What Guests Loved the Most

This is what guests of the Grand Hotel De Cala Rossa & Spa Nucca loved about their stay:

  • Magnificent view of Porto Vecchio bay
  • Great location
  • Perfect private beach
  • Amazing place to stay

Why Stay in Bastia?

Bastia old city center, lighthouse and harbour.

Bastia is home to the second busiest French passenger port. Despite this, it is less touristy compared to other Corsican cities. However, it offers its visitors wonderful Baroque art and rich history for you to explore.

For an old-world feel, you can visit the Genoese Citadel where Terra Nova is located. Walking along Terra Nova will transport you to France during the 1400s. It is home to Musee de Bastia which houses memorabilia of Corsican society.

At night, Bastia is the place for local party-goers and exciting events. You can choose a wide range of pubs, bars, and cafes for live music and good drinks.

Best Places to Stay in Bastia

Find relaxation in a place like Best Western Montecristo when visiting Bastia. This hotel sits about 1 km away from the town center, Old Port, and harbor. Fill your stomach with a French buffet breakfast that is prepared daily. Guest can enjoy free Wi-Fi around the hotel, 24- hour bar, and sound-proofed rooms for relaxation.

What Guests Loved the Most

Guests of Best Western Montecristo liked these on their stay:

  • Professional and exceptional staff
  • Full spread breakfast
  • Near the city center and perfect location for the ferry
  • Excellent restaurants nearby with delicious produce
  • Sound-proofed rooms

Why Stay in Bonifacio?

Why stay in Bonifacio, Corsica

Corsica’s Bonifacio, also known as Citadel of Cliffs, is one of France’s hidden gems. If you enjoy old medieval towns and outdoor adventures, then Bonifacio is the town for you. The middle ages town of Bonifacio is lined up with cobblestones going to the cliff tops.

After visiting the old town, take a leisurely walk on the harbor or have a break in a cafe’s terrace to soak in the ambiance. For the more active tourist, you can check the Staircase of King Aragon Alfonso V that descent into the sea. Once you reach the end of the staircase, you can dive into glittering waters as your reward.

Best Places to Stay in Bonifacio

One of the best hotels to stay in Bonifacio is Solemare located in Nouvelle Marine. This hotel has an amazing view of the Old Port and Citadel. After a long day, you can soak in their heated swimming pool or lounge in their terrace to relax. Rooms in Solemare have a modern design with modern amenities for your convenience. Best of all, the hotel is only a 20-minute walk to the Citadel.

What Guests Loved the Most

This is what guests liked most about Solemare:

  • Amazing view of the harbor
  • The swimming pool was cherry on top
  • Sun-drenched and airy rooms
  • Breakfast on the terrace was amazing

Why Stay in L’Ile-Rousse?

Beautiful Tower in L'Île-Rousse, Corsica

L’Ile-Rousse is a popular resort town founded by Pascal Paoli in the 18th century. If you are fascinated by history, you can check the north of l’Ile-Rousse with tall colorful houses in Placa Paoli.

There is also the 17th-century tower called Tour de Scalo near the town hall which became a museum, prison, and gunpowder storage. If you like sunny beaches, the closest is Plage du Napoléon. There are beach cafes and a promenade near it ideal for a meal overlooking the beach. You can also drop by another beach called Plage de Ginepara, which is quieter and more secluded.

Best Places to Stay in L’Ile-Rousse

Consider Hôtel le Grillon when finding a place to stay in L’Ile-Rousse. What’s interesting about this hotel is that their restaurants serve delicious home-made Corsican dishes. It’s only 150 meters away from the town center and the beach, so you can decide easily. Post your French holiday escapade with their Wi-Fi access and relax in their contemporary styled rooms.

What Guests Loved the Most

Hôtel le Grillon’s guest will remember these things about the hotel:

  • Small but nice hotel
  • Value for money
  • Fresh home-cooked meals
  • Located in the heart of L’Île-Rousse

Why Stay in Corte?

Stay in this famous citadel and historical city: Corte, Corsica

Corte’s rich history and fascinating geography are enough to make you drop by for a visit. This Corsican town became the capital of a short-lived independent Corsica in the 18th century. The town citadel stands proud in the center while viewing the rocky range.

With the mountains surrounding Corte, it offers exhilarating outdoor activities for all ages including tree climbing, canoeing, and guided tours. If you enjoy swimming, you can go for a swim in the pristine waters of Tavignanu or Restonica. It is also home to Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli (Pascal Paoli University of Corsica), the only university in Corsica.

Best Places to Stay in Corte

If you want the adventure Corte presents you, book a room at Dominique Colonna. This hotel in Restonica Valley offers a terrace with river views for a luxurious stay. Enjoy a peaceful sleep with soundproofed rooms, a private terrace, and air conditioning. Take a break in their garden and sundeck to take in Corte’s amazing views.

What Guests Loved the Most

Previous guests that booked their stay at Dominique Colonna really liked the following:

  • Décor and hotel location is good
  • Well trained staff
  • Idyllic location by the river
  • The rich and excellent food

Why Stay in Calvi?

Historic buildings and yacht boats in Calvi port at night

If you’re traveling to Corsica for the first time, ensure to add Calvi to your bucket list. It is the best place to stay with its pristine beaches and lively nightlife. One of the main attractions here is the crystal-clear beach in the heart of Calvi!

As a bonus, you’ll have an IG-ready view of Citadel at the end of the bay. Since it’s the most popular Corsican town, there are lots of activities to do here. Get a bird’s eye view of the town at Monte Cinto, the highest point in Corsica. To get the most out of your stay in Calvi, it is best to rent a car.

Best Places to Stay in Calvi

One of the best places to stay here is the Calvi Residence in Route de Porto. It offers a stunning view of Corsica’s coastline and the La Revellata. From the hotel, it is a quick 15-minute walk to the beaches. There are many choices to try different activities in surrounding areas. Guests of Calvi Residence can enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, a terrace, air conditioning, and free WiFi.

What Guests Loved the Most

Calvi Residences’ guests were thrilled to experience these:

  • Great location for water activities
  • Spacious and comfortable room
  • Peaceful and quiet location
  • Clean kitchen to cook our own food

Why Stay in Propriano?

Stay in Propriano, Corsica end enjoy fantastic beaches like Plage de Lido

While the coastal town of Propriano might be small, it makes for a great jump-off point in fantastic beaches like Plage de Lido. This small, coastal town is busy with tourism and commercial businesses.

The commercial harbor and leisure port share the center of the town. You can also get a ferry from Propriano to mainland France and Sardinia. Additionally, Propriano is best known for its wide range of cafe and restaurants.

It is also home to beautiful beaches where you can enjoy diving, windsurfing and sailing. This makes it a bustling town that is perfect for those seeking a lively city to stay.

Best Places to Stay in Propriano

To make your stay in Propriano comfortable, head on over to Hôtel Le Claridge in Rue Bonaparte. This hotel is conveniently located in the center of the town. Even if it is in the center, you can be assured of a peaceful night’s sleep with its soundproofed rooms and private terraces. Aside from that, the hotel is equipped with parquet floors, satellite TV, and cool air conditioning.

What Guests Loved the Most

Things that guests loved at Hôtel Le Claridge:

  • Tastefully decorated, spacious, and clean room
  • Comfortable place to stay
  • The hotel location is convenient
  • Great price

Why Stay in St. Florent?

Evening sunshine lighting up the citadel and buildings of Saint Florent on the coast of Corsica with mountains behind

This French town of St. Florent is so small that it can be explored in a morning. However, don’t be fooled since this town is another popular destination for tourists. It is located along the Mediterranean bay bordered by perfect mountains. Dine by the harbor for an excellent view of the marina with a contrast of expensive yachts and fishing boats.

While in St. Florent, you can visit the white sands of Plage de Saleccia. This beach has been dubbed as one of the best along the Mediterranean Sea. After Plage de Saleccia, you can also explore the beaches of Plage du Loto and Plage de la Roya.

Best Places to Stay in St. Florent

When you’re looking for the best hotel to stay in St. Florent, we recommend Hôtel Dolce Notte. Located in a private pebble beach, you will get to enjoy sunbathing in its spacious sundeck or lounge by the garden. Its hotel rooms have modern amenities and a private terrace for you to lounge. Plus, you can enjoy free use of some water activities such as kayaks and paddleboards.

What Guests Loved the Most

These are what guests of Hôtel Dolce Notte liked about the hotel:

  • Great location near the town of St. Florent
  • Beautiful sea view from the room
  • Simple room but well-designed
  • Having breakfast on the terrace by the sea

Why Stay in Galeria?

Why stay in Galeria, Corsica?

Are you a lover of nature? If so, then you should consider planning a visit to Galeria while in Corsica. Located in the region of Fango, this quiet village will undoubtedly help you appreciate and get in-tuned with nature.

It has an unspoiled beach called Plage de Galeria, which may not be as beautiful, but makes up for its great scenery and solitude.

It is also very convenient since the beach is located in the village. You can drop by Scandola’s nature reserve from Galeria by boat. Here you can find several sea birds and the last seals swimming in the Mediterranean.

Best Places to Stay in Galeria

You can make Holiday Home Primavera – GAL201 to be your home during your visit to Galeria. The family rooms are well-equipped with modern amenities including free Wi-Fi, satellite-TV, a fully equipped kitchen, microwave, and 3 bathrooms. You can cycle in nearby places or visit Plage de Ricciniccia which is just 1.2 km away.

What Guests Loved the Most

Guests of Holiday Home Primavera – GAL201 liked these things about them:

  • Tranquil atmosphere
  • Amazing location
  • Staff’s attention to detail
  • Well-equipped rooms

Where to Stay in Corsica on Honeymoon?

For a romantic getaway, you can choose between the towns of L’Ile Rousse or St. Florent. These towns are lively enough for a day activity but not as crowded as other Corsican towns. Hence, they will provide the perfect opportunity to explore Corsica while enjoying an intimate time with your spouse

In L’Ile Rousse, you can get a glimpse of everyday Corsican life and find a romantic spot. After that, you can take a trip to their white sandy beaches in Lumio. You can rent private villas with great views of the beach.

St. Florent offers an eclectic mix of mountain views and medieval ambiance that are truly breathtaking. Spend quality time in one of the restaurants in the harbor overlooking the sea and the mountains. You can get lost in the town’s narrow streets while enjoying the quaint restaurants. Additionally, you can enjoy beach hopping in nearby beaches of Plage de Saleccia, Plage du Loto, and Plage de la Roya.

Where to Stay in Corsica with Family?

Families on a trip to Corsica may want to consider visiting the Porto Vecchio. This town is best known for its diverse activities, a wide range of restaurants and incredible sceneries.

If your family is energetic and you don’t mind an adrenaline rush, then you will be pleased to know that there are different activities to explore. Families can hike up to the highest waterfall in Corsica, Cascade de Piscia di Gallo. This is a short 1-hour hike but some parts that might be too difficult for young children.

Xtreme Sud provides different courses for different members of the family. Aside from working up a sweat, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the mountains from there.

For water babies, there are many good beaches like the Tamaricciu Beach, Plage de Palombaggia, and Plage de Santa Giulia. Your kids and teens can build sandcastles, sunbathe and swim in these. There are also bars and restaurants around the area for your family to enjoy.

Best area to stay in Corsica for Nightlife?

If you want a lively nightlife, you can choose between Calvi and Porto Vecchio. Calvi’s fame as a premier spot in Corsica makes it ideal for tourists who want to experience island nightlife. The marina area has more expensive bars but fantastic views of the city while the waterfront has more affordable bars around it. You can also check nightclubs on N197 for other options.

On the other hand, Porto Vecchio’s is famous for those seeking a lively but not over the top nightlife. The party in this town really takes off during July-August where Corsicans, Italians, and tourists flock to the town and dress to impress. Unlike in other smaller towns, Porto Vecchio keeps the party going until 5am.

Where to Stay in Corsica for Luxury?

Corsica is peppered with different high-end private villas and premium accommodations in every area for those who are after a luxurious holiday experience. Most of them, however, can be found in the towns of Calvi and L’Ile Rousse. These towns have been consistently named the best towns for a high-end Corsican adventure.

Calvi has 5-star hotels with panoramic views and exquisite restaurants to cater to guests. While L’Ile Rousse might be smaller than Calvi, it offers a more tranquil and quainter Corsican holiday. This prosperous town is home to different villas that offer exquisite geographical locations, quality services, and luxury amenities.


Corsica lives up to its name as the “Island of Beauty”. It offers the best Mediterranean has to offer in sceneries, beaches, and food. Each region offers a different experience for each traveler. Hence, it’s best to research where to stay in Corsica.

If you have become more curious about Corsica, you can find more relevant information at Explore France

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