Where to stay in Rome – Best Areas & Hotels

Where to stay in Rome

Looking for where to stay in Rome? We have selected some of the best areas to stay in Rome.

We will help guide you to find where to stay in Rome, and these will not just be typical hotels, but we will give you the best areas and hotels which will guarantee that your trip will be memorable and will be one for your travel books.

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Why you should stay in Rome?

Rome is also known as the Eternal City; the city of Rome is the capital of Italy; we’ll help you decide where to stay in Rome during your vacation. Rome was considered the center of the world back when the Roman Empire was still the biggest empire the world has ever known.

The city of Rome was the origin of almost all the stories, architecture, and political concepts still considered one of the greatest even today.

Everyone knows about the most notable places in Rome, the Coliseum, which is regarded as a Wonder of the world; the Trevi fountain – considered one of the most outstanding pieces of architecture in the world; and the talking statues of Rome – used in almost all the political satires in other countries.

Aside from all the visually enriching views in Rome, it is also near Vatican City, the center of the Roman Catholic religion. It’s no wonder the city receives the greatest number of tourists yearly!

Architecture, history, and even great food are features found in the city of Rome. The rich and endearing culture of Romans is something that should not be kept hidden.

You will see amazing places that will make you discover a new side of the world as well as yourself, as you walk through one of the oldest cities of the world, which hold so much history of the beginning and hopefully the future of mankind.

Let us now look at where to stay in Rome, the wonderful cities surrounding Rome, and the different hotels and places you can find there. Come on, let us discover Rome together!

Stay in Trastevere

Stay in Rome with a beautiful river and stone bridge view

Trastevere, in Latin, translates to beyond the Tiber because of its location, which is across the Tiber River. This is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Rome and is the home of the Piazza di Santa Maria and the Basilica Santa Maria. Both of which are important places in the neighborhood.

The piazza is where the heart of Trastevere is located and where locals stay and interact with each other. At the same time, the Basilica holds amazing architecture and mosaics that will make you feel like you have time traveled back to Medieval times because of the ambiance and the restored effects of the basilica.

Trastevere is also the location of Galleria Corsini, which holds marvelous artworks that will make you feel like a member of the royal family. The gallery contains paintings that show you the richness of Roman art from the 1700s; aside from the artwork, the gallery itself holds a lot of history.

You can view all these magnificent places while staying in Trastevere in Rome.

Best places to stay in Trastevere

The Lungotevere Ripa is one of the best hotels to stay in when visiting Trastevere in Rome. The hotel is perfect for couples and travelers who wish to stay in the heart of Trastevere and to have quality accommodation near the tourist spots in the neighborhood.

The hotel has facilities that are not only clean but are aesthetically pleasing for all its guests. The hotel also has wi-fi, an amazing window view of the neighborhood, and airport shuttles. It is definitely worth your money!

Guests loved these features of the hotel the most:

  • Everything is amazing!
  • Cleaning is top-notch!
  • Amazing manager, helpful and kind
  • Very clean, beautiful accommodation completely matching my style

Stay in Prati & Vatican

Vatican city at night, rome

Who does not know what Vatican City holds? It is the center of the Roman Catholic faith and the home of the Pope. Vatican City is popular with common travelers and those who would like to witness the mass celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church leader.

This is one of the most visited cities (which is also a country) in central Rome. The Vatican city is one of the places where to stay in Rome. Aside from Vatican City, Prati is also a notable location in Rome. Prati is considered the safest neighborhood in Rome; the main reason is that it is just a few walks away from the Pope’s home and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Since Prati is near the Vatican City, it is also very quiet and peaceful, and it is perfect for travelers who prefer a calm experience in Rome, like walking in a quiet street. Aside from being safe and quiet, Prati also has majestic views, and even if you are not staying in a luxury hotel here, you can still see these amazing sights.

The neighborhood is also home to pubs and wine bars where travelers can enjoy great food and listen to good music. Even though Prati is not in the city center, there is a stylish hotel and boutique hotel that can satisfy every traveler’s needs, like great room service and access to great restaurants.

Best places to stay in Prati & Vatican

Let us now look at one of the best hotels in Prati, which contains spacious rooms, air conditioning, and private rooms! Coladir guest house is one of the best hotels that are perfect for budget travelers because you can save money here. The Coladir guest house offers all the basic amenities and more, and it can even be compared to a luxury hotel.

It is luxurious to be in the presence of a historic building or even the center of the Roman Catholic faith. The guest house is also near the Vatican museums, St. Peter’s basilica, Piazza Navona, and Piazza del Popolo.

The guest house also offers an airport shuttle service for its guests. This guest house is perfectly located and can help you take in all the sights and stories from Rome’s historic centre, without the noise and bustle of the city centre. Coladir guest house even offers discounts to help further guests to save money; what an amazing deal!

Guests loved this the most:

The previous visitors of the Coladir guest house surely enjoyed their stay in Rome. As proof, here are some of what they loved the most about this guest house:

  • Nice and helpful employees, clean and tidy room. Good central location
  • Perfect location with manageable walking distance to various attractions
  • Awesome place and friendly staff
  • Delicious breakfast!

Stay in Monti

Stay in Monti, Rome, and experience the Colosseum

Here is another great neighborhood for travelers who would like to stay in Rome and where they can undoubtedly enjoy their stay. Monti is another notable neighborhood in the eternal city and is also considered Rome’s metropolitan neighborhood.

There are a lot of activities that travelers can do while staying in Monti; aside from being filled with cobbled stones and the best hotels, travelers can enjoy the view of the most historic building in Rome, the Colosseum.

The wonder of the world is only a few steps, and metro stops away from Monti. This neighborhood is also considered the location of hipster shops, where travelers can do retail therapy. There are a lot of buildings that will make you feel like you are in ancient Rome, like the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the beautiful and historic fountain in Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and many more.

Visit Monti and experience a culmination of the past and the present, coupled with luxury hotels, which only the eternal city of Rome can offer.

Best places to stay in Monti

To enjoy your stay in Rome in style, stay in the B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale. This luxury hotel offers all the amenities you would need to relax and enjoy the sights in the neighborhood of Monti. B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale is located in Rome’s historic centre, where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and rooms with air conditioning.

The location of the B&B Hotel is a short walk away from the Republica Metro station and the Termini station. This ideal location can give travelers like you more time to enjoy the lively walkable area and experience the narrow cobbled streets while observing the local residents. The B&B Hotel is the best hotel that provides great value for its guests.

Guests loved this the most:

Aside from being perfectly located, these are the other features that guests loved about the B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale:

  • Quiet place close to all sites one must visit in Rome
  • Delightful! Great location, the staff was absolutely wonderful
  • Close to Monti, clean good rooms, comfortable
  • A perfect place for my first time in beautiful Rome

Stay in Termini

Termini rome station, view of most important train station of italy

Termini, what does this neighborhood offer? Let us find out!

Termini is a popular neighborhood because it is the location of the Termini station, the metro railway in Rome. With the help of the Termini station, any traveler can get from one place to another, making Termini one of the most populated places because of the presence of the metro station.

Aside from being the location of the major transport station in Rome, this neighborhood is one of the places “where to stay in Rome” because it is friendly for budget travelers. You can save money if you stay in Rome, specifically in the neighborhood of Termini. It has been considered one of the neighborhoods in Rome where travelers can save the most money because of the affordable Rome hotels in the area.

Aside from the affordable hotels, you can easily walk from your hotel to the termini station, saving you more money by saving up on taxis or other forms of transportation. Termini is also a gateway to most of Rome’s major historical centre.

You can easily access the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps, and other locations using the metro station. These locations feature popular baroque architecture that will transport you back in time as you stroll through the winding cobblestone streets.

Best places to stay in Termini

Now that you know why Termini is one of the “IT” places in Rome, it is time to choose the best hotels in this neighborhood. Hotel Borromeo is located in the city centre and is in the Termini area as well.

This well-connected hotel offers spacious rooms and a breakfast room near the train station and the Colosseum. The hotel also provides a beautiful rooftop terrace overlooking the beautiful city and all its amazing architecture.

Aside from being conveniently located, the rooftop terrace in this hotel is definitely one of the notable features. The hotel also has an American bar and great customer service from the hotel staff. The majority of the guests enjoyed their stay because of the accommodating staff that greeted them.

If you prefer staying in a beautiful hotel with the most convenient location, then the Hotel Borromeo is surely the one for you! Book your room now! This is where to stay in Rome, where you can be near all the beautiful sites and restaurants!

Guests loved this the most:

The guests left these comments about their stay in Rome while inside the hotel:

  • We were upgraded to a room with a large private terrace
  • Breakfast is okay, it is not overwhelming, nice rooftop terrace
  • The staff were smiling and welcoming
  • The location was perfect!

Stay in Piazza Navona

Fountain of neptune on piazza navona in rome, italy

Why is Piazza Navona popular with visitors who want to stay in Rome? Let us find out! Piazza Navona is one of the most popular and one of most beautiful places in Rome, and it contains lovely works of art by notable artists. This place has also been a set of multiple films across the years.

Piazza Navona is the open space in front of the Palazzo Pamphili, another amazing and eye-catching work of art. The palazzo showcases the beautiful baroque architecture that has been in use since the early 1600s and is still standing strong and looking regal until today.

Piazza Navona is also the home of beautiful fountains created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Giacomo della Porta. Aside from the fountains, the statues with the fountains also look stunning and the obelisk in one of the fountains. The following fountains can be found in the Piazza Navona; the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, or Fountain of the four rivers; the Fountain of Neptune, and the Fontana del Moro.

Aside from the amazing works of art in the piazza Navona and the amazing view you will get of the architecture of the Palazzo Pamphili. Piazza Navona is definitely one of the places which answer the question of where to stay in Rome.

Best places to stay in Piazza Navona

This is the best hotel to stay in Rome, specifically in Piazza Navona: B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale! This hotel is located in Rome’s historic center and just a few minutes from the train station.

The hotel offers free Wi-fi and air-conditioned rooms, which have satellite TV. Staying at this hotel will make you feel like you are in one of the luxury hotels in Rome, but not at an expensive price. You can also use family rooms in this hotel, complete with breakfast.

This hotel will make you enjoy your stay in Rome more, and the staff will also help you find great restaurants in the area. The welcoming staff is one of the reasons why guests from all over the world are recommending the B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale. Experience great view, great food, and great ambiance. Visit this hotel now!

Guests loved this the most:

People who stayed in the B&B Hotel Roma Italia Viminale left these amazing comments about their stay in the hotel:

  • Clean, neat, and hospitable staff
  • The room is nice and clean, there is what it should be. The location is top-notch in a small side street
  • Hotel Italia is centrally located – within walking distance of everything
  • Good location and good staff

Stay in Testaccio

people eating traditional italian food in outdoor restaurant in rome, italy.

Rome holds a lot of amazing gifts for all the people who would like to visit, and it does not only have a historical centre, it also offers a lot of good food for all the foodies out there, this is what Testaccio is best known for, the amazing food! Testaccio is considered one of the neighborhoods which offer history in the form of food.

Testaccio market is also located here, where fresh food is produced, and delicious eats are also discovered.

Aside from food and the broken terracotta vase, which left shards creating the Testaccio hill filled with broken clay vessels, Testaccio also has nightlife for those who like to party! There are bars and night restaurants in Testaccio for those who want to enjoy great food and drinks with great company.

This great location allows people to see that Rome is not just filled with serious history, but this is also a place where people can have fun and where they can definitely have their stomachs filled with great food!

Best places to stay in Testaccio

Even though it is best to go around the restaurants in Testaccio and enjoy the nightlife, one still needs a place where they can rest after all the food and partying has taken place, and the best place to do that is at Rome Kings Suite. The hotel offers spacious rooms with TVs, and with designer furniture.

The goal is to make guests feel like they are in one of the small luxury hotels in Rome. The hotel is also near ancient Rome sights that all tourists should visit, including the Trevi fountain. It is also near the Barberini metro station, allowing people to travel from this hotel easily.

The central location of the hotel will be an additional feature that tourists will definitely enjoy, aside from all the amazing amenities inside it.

Guests loved this the most:

Rome Kings suite is definitely one of the best hotels to stay in Rome. Let us look at the comments left by their guests who got great value from staying at this hotel:

  • Clean and nice
  • Comfortable
  • Location and staff was friendly
  • Convent access to everything you’d like to see in Rome!

Stay in Piazza di Spagna? – Visit the Spanish steps

Spanish steps with azaleas at sunrise, rome, italy, europe

What does the Piazza di Spagna hold that makes it special in all of the places in central Rome?

Let us find out here!

Piazza di Spagna, or Square of Spain in English is the location of the famous Spanish steps. Piazza di Spagna comes from the Palazzo di Spagna, which has been the Spanish embassy seat since the seventeenth century.

Aside from the amazing architecture present in the place, it is also the location of the high streets of Via dei Condotti, Via Frattina, and Via del Babuino. These streets are perfect for tourists who are interested in shopping, all the shops with amazing fashion items and antiques can be found on these streets.

Other than being able to shop, the view of the Spanish steps is definitely a highlight for everyone who would like to stay in Rome. This structure of 135 steps is a famous location for pictures taken by visitors all year round and has become a location of a popular fashion show.

The Piazza di Spagna definitely has a lot to offer, from the many hotels surrounding it and the on-site restaurant where tourists can eat quality food. Fashion, history, and at truly comes altogether when you visit Piazza di Spagna.

Another notable view in this neighborhood, aside from the Spanish steps, is the sculpture of the Fontana della Barcaccia which translates to Fountain of the ugly boat in English. This is created by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, based on the design of his father Pietro Bernini. This famous fountain looks stunning and life-like, that it is one of the famed sculptures of Bernini that draw people from all over the world.

Piazza di Spagna is one of the places where to stay in Rome, for its art, history and fashion shops as well!

Best places to stay in Piazza di Spagna

To fully enjoy the experience of staying in Piazza di Spagna and walking on the Spanish steps, staying at the perfect hotel would be ideal for all those who would like to visit. The best place to stay in Piazza di Spagna – Spanish steps is at Coladir Guest house. The guest house offers well-equipped rooms and a continental breakfast for its guests.

Aside from the amenities inside the hotel, guests will enjoy the nearby historic sights around this well-connected hotel, like the Piazza del Popolo, St. Peter’s square, Piazza Navona, and Vatican museums. Guests can definitely maximize their time going around all the beautiful sights and eating at a restaurant on site.

Walking on the Spanish steps will definitely be more enjoyable because guests can look forward to having a good rest after a tiring day of sightseeing all over Rome.

Guests loved this the most:

The guests of Coladir Guest house loved the amenities and enjoyed their stay. They left the following comments:

  • Positive experience staying at this guest house
  • Nice guest house with a good location
  • We love this place and will only stay here when we go back to Rome
  • Very friendly area and a great place to stay

Stay in Prati

Where to stay in Rome: Prati

Prati is the neighborhood in Rome that is nearest the Vatican. Travelers can also stay here and walk to the Vatican to see the home of the Pope and St. Peter’s Basilica. Though it is not near the Spanish steps, there are still advantages to visiting Prati.

Aside from being near beautiful and popular Rome sights, Prati is perfect for those who would like to shop and enjoy good and luxury hotels and restaurants.

Prati is considered one of the more expensive neighborhoods compared to the others; it is where tourists can enjoy quiet street walks around beautiful shops and is largely residential. Tourists can have an idea of the Roman lifestyle since most of the residents live in this neighborhood, and the architecture in this area is also very modern compared to other neighborhoods.

Tourists have a choice when visiting Prati, and they can enjoy the wonders of the neighborhood or use this as a gateway to other historic sights. There are a lot of restaurants in Prati and lounge bars and clubs too. Prati is a place similar to the Spanish steps. It can lead you to more beautiful places and be more enjoyable when you stay in it.

Best places to stay in Prati

Since Prati is considered a high-end neighborhood there are no cheap hotels in this area, but there are affordable places where tourists can stay, one of which is the Cavour Suites guest house. This is a quiet hotel with amazing amenities and complete room features and they even serve Italian breakfast.

The guest house is also near other historic areas of Rome like the Spanish steps, Vatican museums, and Castel Sant’ Angelo.

Cavour Suites guest house will make its guests feel welcome and will definitely add to the amazing experience they will have when they stay in Rome. The guest house also offers airport shuttles and non-smoking rooms, and pets are allowed to stay in the guest house, too. You can now travel to Rome with your pet.

Guests loved this the most:

The guests of the Cavour Suites guest house left the following comments showing how much they loved and enjoyed their stay:

  • Excellent accommodation at a reasonable price
  • Best location, great service & comfortable stay
  • Relaxing and welcoming stay
  • A clean, quiet place with great helpful management and a nice breakfast

Stay in Tridente?

Entrance of tridente from piazza del popolo, rome, Italy.

Tridente is one of the most unique neighborhoods in Rome, it means Trident in Italian, and it literally stands for the convergence of 3 streets leading from the Piazza del Popolo.

The three streets that form the trident are: Via del Corso, where the famous del Corso shopping street is; Via di Ripetta which leads to Ponte Sant’ Angelo and the famous basilica of St. Peter; lastly, Via del Babuino, which leads to the famous Spanish steps and then, you can climb to the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

These three streets all contain their charms and wonders within them. Via del Corso is very popular because of the shopping street lined, which gives tourists a chance to get products that only a handful of people can buy.

The streets also run across other beautiful locations in Rome, like the Villa Borghese. The landscape garden in the Villa Borghese showcases the Globe Theatre built in 2003 and the water clock designed by Gian Battista Embriaco, O.P. The Villa Borghese is also one of the biggest parks in Rome.

Other beautiful places in Rome can be reached via Tridente, like the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. The Trevi fountain is one of the most popular fountains found in Rome, the sculptures in this fountain are truly astounding and a wonder to behold for first-time visitors. Around Tridente are small luxury hotels where tourists can stay and numerous restaurants to provide food and an amazing experience for all those who answer Tridente to the question of where to stay in Rome.

Best places to stay in Tridente

There are a lot of different kinds of hotels in Rome, and it can be a boutique hotel, a star hotel, a family-run hotel, or a four-star hotel. All these kinds of hotels are placed around the neighborhood of Tridente. Out of all these possible options of where to stay in Rome, one stands out, and that is the Tridente Suites.

The Suites contains spacious rooms with Wi-Fi all around the common areas and luggage storage for guests. This luxury hotel also has a convenient location being a short walk from Piazza del Popolo, Spanish steps, and the Trevi fountain.

The spacious and comfortable rooms in the Tridente Suites contain a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, an electric kettle, and a minibar! Guests will enjoy their stay in this hotel and not get tired from walking too much since all the historic and beautiful sights in Rome are just nearby.

This is the best place to stay in Rome, especially in the Tridente neighborhood.

Guests loved this the most:

Guests who stayed in the Tridente Suites definitely enjoyed their stay; as a guide for future guests, they left these wonderful comments about the hotel:

  • Its location as it’s near everything and served by markets and pharmacies and restaurants
  • Incredible location, beautiful accommodation, and very clean, tidy, and quiet
  • Good simple place
  • A beautiful suite located in the heart of the city

Where to stay in Rome with your Family?

Experiences in Rome are countless for all families who will be staying here while traveling. Also important are the memories created with digital pictures, and the beautiful places in Rome are the perfect backdrop for a wonderful family experience.

Take unforgettable photos on the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, and St. Peter’s square. The number of sights where beautiful pictures can be taken is limitless. Rome is the perfect area for families who want to experience art, history, great food, and great value for their time and money.

There are multiple hotels and guest houses all over the city. One of the best places where a family can stay in Rome could be the Hotel Villa Pamphili Roma, which contains amazing rooms, but even has a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, perfect for a cool splash with the kids!

Where to stay in Rome for first-time visitors?

First-time visitors to Rome should explore the area of Piazza Navona, and this location is perfect for capturing the essence of the current Roman civilization. This is one of the biggest open spaces in Rome, and it contains two wonderful works of art in the form of 3 world-famous fountains. These fountains are the: Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Fontana del Moro, and the Fountain of Neptune.

In English, the Fountain of the Four rivers is largely famous because of Tom Hank’s movie Angels and Demons. Aside from being in that movie, the structure of this fountain is amazing in itself but the presence of the obelisk in the middle of the fountain adds to the regal and elegant look of this historical fountain.

So, if you will visit Rome for the first time, Plaza Navona is the perfect area for you. A notable hotel where to stay in Rome, specifically at Plaza Navona is the Giovy, and this hotel is near the Spanish steps, the Vatican museum, and even the Colosseum. You can definitely check this place out when you visit Rome.

This is the best place to stay in Rome for sightseeing?

Even though there are a lot of beautiful places in Rome, this place takes the top spot of where you should stay when you are sightseeing in Rome, and this place is the Aventino, also known as the Aventine Hill.

Aside from the different types of hotels you will find in Rome, like the boutique hotels, fifteen keys hotel, or the hotel indigo Rome, Aventino offers something different from the other neighborhoods in Rome. Aventine Hill, or simply the Aventino to Romans, is one of the 7 original hills of Rome, and it is the home to the most beautiful sights in Rome.

That is why it is considered the best place to stay in Rome for sightseeing.

For those who would like to stay at the Aventino, the perfect hotel for you is the Hotel Villa San Pio. This hotel will not be outmatched by the beauty of the pristine hill because it offers even more beautiful rooms and even a marble bathroom. This is a 3-star hotel and has a surprisingly compact center, but all rooms are complete with basic amenities and perfect views of the sights at the Aventino.

This is the safest place to stay in Rome

We should look out for ourselves whether in our daily activities or when we are not even in our home country, that is why we have the perfect place for those who want to stay in the safest place in Rome this place is Spagna.

Spagna is where the Piazza di Spagna is located as well as the popular Spanish steps. Everyone can go around Spagna and stay safe and stay amazed at all the tourist spots in this central location in Rome.

For tourists who would like to maximize their stay in Rome by booking a room at the central spot owned by Spagna, then the Residenza Al Corso is perfect for you!

Residenza Al Corso is a historical building with beautiful bedrooms with marble floors and wood-beamed ceilings. Staying here will make you feel like a member of the royal family. This hotel is near the Spanish steps, the Metro, Via dei Condotti shopping street, and the Villa Borghese! This hotel is perfect for tourists who want to visit these amazing sights in Rome.

In Summary, Rome is indeed the Eternal City

One of the best places you could find yourself in is the city of Rome. Other than finding yourself in the exact location of where the history of mankind unfolded and the setting of Shakespeare’s novels and plays, it is also the best location to appreciate good food, architecture, art, and nature!

All in all, Rome is one of the cities one must visit before leaving this world.

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