Where to Stay in Madrid – Best Areas and Hotels

Are you wondering where to stay in Madrid? We’ve got your back! Read our area guide to the best areas and hotel accommodations.

Well, amazing accommodation is one of the highlights of a great vacay experience. However, achieving your dream vacation would require extensive research on locations, activities, restaurants, and hotels. Don’t fret though, the city of Madrid is an energetic metropolis full of great holiday accommodations.

Madrid is known for architecture, artistic and cultural heritage, elegant restaurants, and the liveliest crowd and nightlife. Want to have some YOLO experience in this amazing city? Well, you got to prepare your suitcase now and head to Madrid!

Where to Stay in Madrid?

It is not difficult to find the best areas and hotels in Madrid. The city has everything for us; we just need to look out there.

Most of the city’s attractions are close to one another. It is within walking distance even if you stay in another town. While some famous hotels are located within the neighborhood of Retiro Park, historical center, and art museums, you can find 4 to 5-star hotel accommodations near Salamanca and the City Center.

But the question now is, with many great areas and hotels to stay in Madrid, which among them stands out? Well, you’re going to find out in this article. Now, let’s get started!

Why Stay in Retiro?

Surrounded by great art museums, the most famous park, and Madrid’s grandest hotels, lies the Retiro located east of Lavapiés and Huerta. Unlike other neighborhoods, Retiro is known for its workaholic people. It is a working-day location and quiet by night.

However, many people are in love with it because of its walking trails, botanical gardens, and lakes. It is the busiest during the weekends.

Best Places to Stay in Retiro

Where to stay in Madrid: Best area to stay in Madrid

Hotel Palacio Del Retiro is the best place to be for those looking for a luxurious hotel close to Madrid’s main attractions. It is an upscale hotel built in 1908. It is near the Retiro Metro Station and Museul Del Prado. It has minibars and restaurants offering Mediterranean cuisines. It features the best amenities like a fitness room, spa, and elegant hot tubs.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Great location
  • Elegant and cozy
  • Best cuisines
  • Proximity within Madrid’s tourist attractions

Why Stay in La Latina?

Where to stay in Madrid: La-Latina

La Latina is the oldest neighborhood across the City of Madrid. This is the neighborhood of the best tapas, terraces, and mojito. It is difficult to find a spot in restaurants and bars for lunch, dinner, or parties during weekends. However, on weekdays, it is your regular quiet and working day. There are a lot of shopping districts and guests visiting the narrow streets and basilicas.

Best Places to Stay in La Latina

Among the best places to stay in La Latina is Hotel Intur Palacio San Martin. It is safe, comfortable, and very nostalgic. It is a 19th-century building located near Museo Nacional Del Prado and Palacio Real De Madrid. It has decorated rooms, free wi-fi, flat-screen TV, safes, and minibars.

The hotel’s great amenities are by far the most notable. It has an elegant restaurant with a terrace, fitness center, lobby lounge, and sauna. Unlike other hotels in Madrid, this hotel offers free breakfast during the entire stay.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Historical location
  • Great amenities
  • Cozy vibe
  • Free breakfast

Why Stay in Sol-Gran Vía?

The most historic and oldest building in the place is Casa de Correos

Sol-Gran Vía, also known as Puerta Del Sol, will take newbies to the best places in Madrid. It is the center of meeting locations for both locals and tourists. The most historic and oldest building in the place is Casa de Correos. Moreover, during New Year’s eve, hundreds of people welcome the year under the clock tower.

The area is also a shopping district for souvenirs and other famous brands. It is the home of the famous Oso y el Madrono, a famous symbol of Madrid. You’ll also see in the main artery of the city the big brands like Zara, Mango, and H&M.

Best Places to Stay in Sol-Gran Vía

Suppose you want to stay close to the shopping center and famous locations, check-in at Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid. Amidst the busy life in the neighborhood, this upscale hotel is very relaxing and cozy. It has artistic decorations, perfect for those who are fond of Spanish art and designs. It offers comfortable rooms with a minibar and coffee area. It has a contemporary restaurant offering sumptuous meals a la Madrid.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Artistic and modern vibe hotel
  • Delicious meals
  • Comfortable and relaxing rooms
  • Luxurious vibe at an affordable fees

Why Stay in Chueca?

Chueca is one of the best places areas to stay in Madrid

If you are looking for the happiest locations in Madrid, you will surely love the neighborhood of Chueca. Located East of the Center of Madrid, Chueca is home to loud crowds, lively bars, trendy clubs, funky cafes, and busy nightlife. The neighborhood is the epicenter of the LGBT community of all ages.

Chueca is colorful, fun, and exciting. It is a great destination for people who love to shop. May it be big brand names, upscale boutiques, or independent stores, you can find them in this neighborhood.

Best Places to Stay in Chueca

Located in the heart of the Chamberi district, Hotel Sardinero Madrid features a modern charm and historic vibe. It is a four-star hotel offering spacious rooms, a great restaurant, modern decor, and a fitness center. It is a minute’s walk from Museo Arqueológico Nacional and Metro Station, that’s why many people love this area.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Walking distance to tourist places and transportation services
  • Impressive amenities
  • 2 terraces overlooking the neighborhood
  • Styling lounge and variety of dining options

Why Stay in Salamanca?

Madrid's most famous and exclusive neighborhood, Salamanca

From North of Retiro lies Salamanca, Madrid’s most famous and exclusive neighborhood. This is daytime barrios famous with fashionable shoppers. The neighborhood offers a myriad of upscale boutiques, restaurants, and bars.

Accommodations in Salamanca feature 4 and 5-star hotels. It may not be as walkable as other neighborhoods. Still, the main attractions found in Centro and Retiro are just a couple of stops away in Metro Station.

Best Places to Stay in Salamanca

Hotel Alameda Palace is one of the best and affordable hotels in Salamanca. It is a minute’s distance from Casa de las Conchas. It features a grand marble lobby and an elegant interior. It has ornate rooms with a free minibar, sound-proof windows, and hydromassage marble bathrooms.

This great accommodation is near some of the best attractions such as Cathedral Nueva, Plaza Mayor, Old Town Landmarks, Convento de San Esteban, and a lot more!

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Excellent locations
  • Near with tourist locations
  • Safe location
  • Impressive amenities

Why Stay in Lavapiés?

Stay in Lavapiés, Madrid, Spain

If you want to see a diverse neighborhood, look no further than Lavapiés. A mix of creatives, performers, and artists, this neighborhood is home to trendy bars, street art, international cuisines, and sophisticated cafes.

Besides its amazing attractions and myriad of activities, Lavapiés offers the best accommodations in Madrid. From stylish boutique hotels to cozy hostels, this location truly highlights overflowing hotel options at affordable prices.

Best Places to Stay in Lavapiés?

Artrip hotel is one of the best hotels in Lavapiés. It is a chic art hotel located near the Chueca neighborhood. It features stylish rooms, french balconies, and a gallery museum showcasing Madrid’s local artists. Guests will truly love dining in the cozy bar or hanging out in its library.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Luxurious vibe
  • Central location
  • Variety of room options
  • Library, museum, and cozy bar

Why Stay in Malasaña?

Best area to stay in Madrid: Malasaña

Malasaña is a diverse neighborhood with great history. During the mid-20th century, it was the center of the counterculture democracy movement. The place was a bit rough back then, but nowadays, it is the home of Madrid’s nightlife.

As of today, Malasaña is one of the coolest neighborhoods. It is packed with rustic bars, hipster hideouts, vintage shops, and cool boutiques. It is the coolest place to wander both day and night.

Best Places to Stay in Malasaña

If you want to explore much about the neighborhood, Espahotel Gran Via is the place to be. It is near the rest of the City of Madrid. This place is comfortable, charming, and very affordable. It has a nice coffee bar, lounge bar, and an on-site tour. Surrounded by a myriad of bars and restaurants, you’ll enjoy this hotel.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Accommodating staff
  • Excellent location
  • It offers a variety of amenities
  • Busy nightlife

Why Stay in Paseo Del Prado?

To Stay in Madrid: Paseo Del Prado

Paseo Del Prado is a picturesque and sophisticated neighborhood. For lovers of photography, this is the perfect neighborhood for you. This area is located in the East of Centro and near to public transit, which is perfect for the tourist who wants to explore the city.

Paseo Del Prado is also great for family vacations. It offers various tourist attractions, art museums, cool stores, and boutiques. It is rich with many fun activities that the family will surely love.

Best Places to Stay in Paseo Del Prado

Hotel Paseo Del Arte is a 4-star hotel yet features an affordable accommodation fee. It is located in a bustling city street near the public transit and Prado Museum. It highlights a modern interior and upgraded lounges, bar, and restaurant.

This amazing hotel offers capacious and cozy rooms. It has furnished terraces overlooking the panoramic city view of Madrid. It is perfect for a family featuring 2 separate bedrooms.

What Guests Loved the Most?

  • Panoramic view of the city
  • Welcoming staff
  • Delicious Continental meals
  • Perfect for family accommodation

Why Stay in Centro

A very popular area for where to stay in Madrid is Centro

Centro is the heart of Madrid. Here you will see grand avenues, luxurious restaurants, impressive architecture, and many exciting activities. This busy neighborhood is perfect for first-time tourists. You can experience everything Madrid has to offer, from stunning buildings and wide squares to elegant shopping boutiques and welcoming street performers.

Best Places to stay in Centro

Europa hotel Madrid is one of the top recommendations among travel aficionados. It is modern, stunning, and centrally located in Madrid Centro. It is well-loved by tourists because it is close to restaurants, bars, and shops. It has a stylish bar, elegant and spacious rooms, and a terrace overlooking the Plaza Mayor.

What Guests Loved the Most

  • 1km away from Prado Museum and Plaza Mayor
  • Delicious Paella and Tapa served in the cafe/restaurant
  • Sound-proofed and spacious rooms
  • Amazing facilities and staff

Why Stay in Huerta

Huerta is one of the most well-visited neighborhoods in the City of Madrid

Huerta is one of the most well-visited neighborhoods in the City of Madrid. It is filled with bars, restaurants, and shopping centers. This location is of the oldest neighborhood, which is the home of many great poets, Spanish Authors, and writers. From the best City market, elegant restaurants, to hip shopping districts, there’s no perfect place to discover the City of Madrid.

Huerta offers plenty of contemporary fun and old-school charm. It has great accommodations which are all elegant and sophisticated. This is the best place for intellectual people who wish to know more about Spanish literature and history.

Best Places to Stay in Huerta

Hotel Catalonia Atocha is best for value. It is an affordable hotel near the best locations of the neighborhood of Huerta. It is an upscale 4-star hotel featuring an elegant and modern interior. It offers a comfortable room with a city-view terrace, a minibar, and coffee makers. The suites come with whirlpool tubs, a Nespresso machine, and a frescoed ceiling. Not to mention that it offers the best buffet breakfast for free!

What Guest Loved the Most

  • Near with historic and literary sites
  • Amazing ambiance
  • Stunning view of the busy street
  • Free buffet breakfast

Where to Stay in Madrid for the First Time?

If it is your first time visiting the city, chances are you want to explore the entire city. For this reason, you may want to stay in Retiro, Centro, Malasaña. Centro is perfect for those who want to visit the streets in Plaza Mayor or the Royal Palace. Retiro, on the other hand, is ideal for lovers of art, museums, and parks.

Centro and Retiro are only 20-minutes from each other; hence, you can stay from either neighborhood to experience the best attractions in the city. Some of the greatest advantages in this neighborhood are Madrid’s busy streets, nightlife, and plenty of accommodation regardless of the budget.

Moreover, it is normal to be afraid to explore the city for first-timers. As such, we recommend Malasaña and Sol Grand Vi as the safest location. Here you will experience the local vibe. You will be welcomed with independent boutiques, art galleries, tattoo parlors, and plenty of graffiti.

Where to Stay in Madrid with Family?

Paseo Del Prado, Centro, Retiro, Huerta, and Salamanca are the best neighborhoods for families vacationing in the city. Centro is great for families because it is walkable, and there are varieties of activities and locations that will entertain the kids. Retiro, however, has many parks and playgrounds for children. It is also quiet during the weekdays; hence best to stay in for intimate vacations.

Moreover, Paseo Del Prado, Huerta, and Salamanca have the best accommodation for the family. It is also safe and quiet, especially during the daytime. Salamanca is a romantic neighborhood perfect for the family who wishes to have strong relationships. It has nostalgic streets and fun medieval plazas. Paseo Del Prado, however, is known for the busiest streets and nightlife. At the same time, Huerta is filled with history and literature, which is enjoyable for most families.

Where to Stay in Madrid for Nightlife?

For nightlife lovers, you will have to stay in the neighborhoods of La Latina, Lavapiés, Chueca, and Malasaña. There is no “best” area for nightlife in Madrid. All of these neighborhoods compete to be Madrid’s home of the night owl people.

La Latina is ideal for its great tapas and beer if you are planning to stay the entire night outside. Next door, in the neighborhood of Lavapiés with its cool and hipster bars. Chueca and Malasaña, however, are perfect for Frisco drinking people watching. They are both known for live bands, gay clubs, and bars which are open up to 24 hours.

Where to Stay in Madrid for the Weekend?

Retro, Centro, and Paseo Del Prado, Malasaña and Sol Gran Via are the best weekend getaway for a reason. Retro, Paseo Del Prado, and Sol Gran Via are one of the safest neighborhoods in Madrid. While these neighborhoods are quiet during the weekdays, they are bombarded with many visitors during the weekends. This is because fun activities are usually held on weekends in these areas.

Malasana and Centro are known for being the busiest neighborhood on both weekends and weekdays. They are usually the home of many tourists because they are close to the best attractions and bars. Many extroverted people love to hang around in these neighborhoods.


Overall, we can say that Madrid is not all about art, museums, and history. There are plenty of interests people can enjoy. There are shopping districts for fashion aficionados, fun and exciting bars and clubs for night owls, and restaurants and cafes for food lovers. Madrid truly offers everything for everyone.

We hope we have helped you choose the best areas and hotel to stay in in Madrid! We hope you have a memorable vacation and fun!

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